We believe the Holy Spirit is at work in front of us, next to us, and behind us; whatever we attempt to achieve has been already set in place by the work and sacrifice of our Lord and Savior.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.
Ephesians 2:10

Our church body takes part in missions in many ways. The following is an incomplete and ever-evolving list of how we seek to affect our community, country, and world. As ministries develop and shift their methods, we will update this page with the most updated, official news we can. So check with us frequently.

Visit our Monthly Outreach page to see our somewhat-regular hands-on efforts in our own Skagit Valley.

Sonshine Hacienda 

This is an orphanage we helped to build in San Felipe, Mexico, now housing, raising, feeding, and loving 12 children. Many members have traveled to help build the facilities.

Joe and Nellie Strong, NW Hispanic Ministries

In Mount Vernon and Lynden, under NorthWest Hispanic Ministries of CRC Classis PNW.
We have been supporting Joe Strong for over ten years.

Africa Inland Mission

A missionary family in Toronto among the Somali People under Africa Inland Ministries. We can not publish the name for safety reasons. We have been supporting them at for over ten years, now at an increased pledge. This is a difficult field to work in and he has experienced threats on his life.

Alfonso Palacios of San Felipe Mex
under Mission San Felipe

Alfonso once attended our church and was a regular member of Joe Strong’s church. Al received a lot of training under Joe. After being deported, Al found his way to San Felipe.  Al continues to work in the poorest areas of town, as well as preach in the rehab centers and supervise a food pantry.

John and Bonnie Gilbert of Serenity House, 99+1 Ministries

This ministry has taken up the call to minister to the homeless and elderly poor. Currently they are building a home called Serenity House. They run VBS all over Baja and San Felipe. They lead building projects and training for local churches. We contribute annually.

Faith House,  New Earth Recovery

Faith House is a new ministry in Mount Vernon that is using the Genesis Process materials to help women and children continue to stabilize their lives and live without relapse. We are one of many local congregations, and we give annually.

Alvin Shim, Tierra Nueva
Tierra Nueva is an ecumenical Christian ministry located in Burlington that seeks to share the good news of God’s freedom in Jesus Christ with people on the margins (migrant workers, gang members, ex-offenders).
Alvin Shim performs administrative and media work at TN in order to better tell the story of God’s transformative work through the body of Christ. His official title is Office & Communications Coordinator. Visit alvinshim.com for more information.

Campus Christian Fellowship

CCF at the Skagit Valley College is a great local ministry run by Christian Anderson and Rosa Diaz Rodriquez–they work down the street from us! We work diligently to support this leadership to meet both local and international students. In addition to preparing and serving meals to Thursday Grub Nights, our congregation gives each year.

A Christian Reformed Church in Mount Vernon, Washington